Street Fighter: Resurrection web series tells the story of Nash's return on March 15

The mystery behind Nash's mysterious return from the dead will be the central focus of the new Street Fighter: Resurrection web series, set to debut on March 15 from the creators of Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.


While Street Fighter V is heavy on kicking, punching, and wild special moves, it's also got quite a bit of story. Recall that back in December, Capcom teased a sequel series to Machinima's Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. This story, titled Street Fighter: Resurrection, would tell the tale of Nash's return.

Now that series has an official release date, with Machinima posting a trailer with a March 15 arrival indicated. The trailer mainly focuses on Nash, but also prominently features Ryu, Ken, and Laura. Additional hints to the overall Street Fighter V narrative are also here, with the trailer referencing Bison's potential 'superweapon' that promises to devastate the world.

Check out the full trailer for Street Fighter: Resurrection below. As for the Street Fighter V story now, that's still waiting for this summer and we already have theories on where that's headed.

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