PlayStation 4 update 3.50 supports Remote Play via PC/Mac

Sony has detailed a number of key features that will become available when PlayStation 4's update 3.50 rolls out.


Sony has revealed key features it will make available when PlayStation 4’s 3.50 update becomes available.

The PlayStation 4 3.50 update will introduce a number of social features that will help users not only be more aware of their friends’ status, but to also schedule playdates and additional features.

PlayStation 4 users will soon be able to know when their friends come online through the Friend Online Notification feature, and can then hide themselves from those very friends with the Appear Offline feature. The User Scheduled Event feature can help you schedule playdates with your friends, and those who register for the event will automatically be added to a party once it starts.

Update 3.50 will also allow PlayStation 4 users the ability to play on their console from their Windows PC or Mac through Remote Play. Also, the Dailymotion app will be available to use.

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