The PlayStation TV Is No Longer Being Distributed

Better snap one up soon, it's probably going away here too. 


Goodbye, PlayStation TV. We hardly knew ye.

It looks like the product is slowly being phased out in the US, Europe, and Japan, with Sony ceasing shipment of PlayStation TVs at the end of February 2016. That's today, of course, leap day and all. It's kind of upsetting and I'm not sure how to feel about it. There's definitely some sadness involved. I hate seeing products go away. 

Sony has made claims that both PS4 and Vita sales have done so well that there's just no need for the microconsole, but it's still a little bittersweet to the see the box being discontinued after 2 short years of circulation. 

Did anyone purchase a PlayStation TV here? How'd you like it? I'm interested in securing one for myself before they inevitably go away now, if only for the nostalgia factor years from now. I like having those types of doodads around in my collection, even if

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