These Are The HoloLens Games You've Been Looking For

They sound pretty legit, too. 


Ready to get your hands on the first games rolling out with the $3,000 HoloLens Development Edition on February 29 ahead of its March 30 launch? You can expect to see a wide breadth of titles to try out if you want to shell out those big bucks.

According to Microsoft corporate vice president Kuno Tsunoda, Young Conker, RoboRaid (shown at E3 as Project X-Ray) and Fragments will be coming with HoloLens itself. Fragments may well be the game you've heard the least about, but it sounds intriguing, as a crime drama that you need to interact with characters to piece together the clues that will eventually help solve a crime. It will even feature characters that can "sit" on the couch with players, allowing them to talk directly to the characters. If that doesn't sound next-level, I don't know what does.

Young Conker is exactly what it sounds like: Microsoft's squirrel mascot by way of Rare exploring platforming, but with a twist. The game's meant to alter the environments you control Conker in depending on where you are. If you choose to play in the living room and then take it to the bedroom for some gaming before bed, you could end up seeing two completely different types of gameplay.

Lastly, RoboRaid is actually Project X-Ray, which you may have played at E3 last year if you were in attendance. It's a first-person shooter that finds aliens invading your living room. You've got to shoot them down with the special Clicker, as the game implements spatial sound to direct you where to shoot next as the walls around you crumble down.

I'm not going to have $3,000 to pick up a HoloLens, but the sound of these games has me especially interested, even more so than what I've seen with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. I'd love to get my hands on any of it and give it a spin. Hopefully there are more engaging concepts coming down the line for the emerging tech, because I'd like to see them.

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