Shacknews Chatty Rocket League Tournament Finals

Here we are, the Shacknews Chatty Rocket League Tournament! Please join us here via the Twitch channel and good luck to both teams!


Here we are, the Shacknews Chatty Rocket League Tournament! Finals will be a rematch of the Semifinals. Both teams have been practicing, and Shackers from all around the world will be watching to see who our new Champion will be. The final will be a best of seven match starting at 9 PM EST.

Team Whoops VS Team BJ

We have reached the Finals of the Shacknews Chatty Rocket League Tournament! The 18 team 3 vs 3 tournament comes to an end tonight! Let's take a look at both teams' journey to the Finals.

Team BJ ( ieGod, tholla4, Mercfox1)

This is the first Shacknews Rocket League tournament in which Team BJ has competed.  ieGod assembled this team specifically for this tournament and they continue to impress. Team BJ did not encounter much trouble early on in the tournament defeating their first round opponent, PS4 is for Poors, with ease. They ran into a bit more competition in the second round but still came out victorious against Scheiße Esser. This was followed by a third round shut out of H. R. Butts'n'stuff. They hoped to glide into the Finals, but were handed their first loss in competitive play by Team Whoops in the Semifinals. Like any good team they picked themselves up off of the mat and got back to work, winning in the Finals of the loser's bracket against But I Was Good at TF2 in convincing fashion. This has given them a chance to avenge their Semifinals loss to Team Whoops. No matter what the outcome is, Team BJ has proven to be a force to to reckoned with in future tournaments.

Team Whoops ( skizl, vov1n, TheQuad)

Team Whoops has won several previous Shacknews Rocket League tournaments, and they came into this tournament with a blood thirsty hunger for victory. Their first round matchup was against the fan favorite/Cindarella story of the tournament, Team Mercury. This team was lead by our own briefcase-wielding CEO, Asif Khan. Team Whoops obliterated Team Mercury in the first round in embarrassing fashion, with a cumulative two game score of 19 to 2. Team Whoops was probably still high on their previous victory when they ran into their greatest challenge of the tournament, eeking out a second round victory against Team SexoGrande. After regaining their focus, Team Whoops went on to shut out But I Was Good at TF2 in the third round. Team Whoops continued their march to the finals with their Semifinals victory against Team BJ, and are now poised to capture yet another championship today in the Finals.

Special thanks to Foo, the Shacker who has organized and broadcast the tournament. 

He will be broadcasting the finals on Shacknews Twitch Channel. Please join us here and good luck to both teams!

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