Galactic Civilizations 3 explores the galaxy with the help of 'Mercenaries'

Stardock has released the first expansion for Galactic Civilizations III and it's one that'll make exploring just a little bit easier, thanks to a few helpful and cutthroat mercenaries.


Space explorers have been traveling across Galactic Civilizations III since its release nearly a year ago and now it's looking like Stardock is ready to release the game's first expansion. The expansion is called Mercenaries and it will add a whole new campaign to the 4X space strategy game, as well as Galactic Bazaars, a new race, and a few improvements to the game's overall quality of life.

The Mercenaries expansion introduces the peaceful Torian race, who have been subjugated by the Drengin for labor and food. Using mercenaries around the world, the object is to liberate the Torians and assist them in rebuilding their civilization, all while avoiding the Drengin, who will obviously not want to lose their source of free labor.

As the expansion's name implies, Mercenaries will allow players to hire soldiers of fortune in the new Galactic Bazaars to help in their missions across the galaxy. What's particularly interesting about the mercenary system is that that they're only available to a single-player. Stardock notes that once a mercenary is hired, it is no longer available to others. In addition to the Torians, the Arcean faction will also debut here as a civilization of ancient warrios. Both the Arcean and the Torians will have distinct traits, abilities, and tech trees.

Mercenaries is available now on Steam for $19.99. Those that can't make the jump just yet will still receive a game update, as Galactic Civilizations III jumps to version 1.6.

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