Street Fighter 5 matchmaking issues said to be fixed; Capcom still addressing UI and replay issues

Capcom has offered an update on server issues for Street Fighter V, noting that outstanding matchmaking bugs have been resolved in both Casual and Ranked modes.


After a handful of betas, Street Fighter V still had a couple of online hiccups over the past couple of days. Today, Capcom has offered an update on some of the online side's bigger issues, noting that several of the more crucial issues have been resolved, while a few other outstanding problems are currently being addressed.

Capcom-Unity notes that matchmaking issues in both Casual and Ranked modes have been fixed. Likewise, many of the Battle Lounge bugs have been fixed, aside from an outstanding issue in which staying in the same Battle Lounge will render it unplayable. Bugs still being addressed include a UI bug centering around sending match results to the Capcom servers, as well as replays not being immediately available on the replay database, ranking functionality bugs on the Capcom Fighters Network, and problems with user names displaying on-screen.

No further extended server time is expected at this time.

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