Street Fighter 5 characters looked very different in their concept art

Ryu looked even hotter. Is that even possible?!


Capcom released Street Fighter 5 this week with many of its iconic characters getting an all-new look. Charlie Nash is pretty much a fighting zombie, Dhalsim has a beard, and we still have no idea what to make of Ken’s new look. But little did we know Capcom had considered making an even more drastic change to a number of fighters, like Ryu, Birdie, and M. Bison.

A number of images from Street Fighter 5’s Japanese Art Book have made it online, and these leaks show some well-known characters looking very different from their current look in the game. Ryu looks even more weathered in his concept art as he continues to try to overcome the Satsui no Hado, while Birdie is literally putting on a fashion show in his concept art page.

Some other characters are also shown, like Karin wearing an even shorter skirt than she already does in Street Fighter 5, and M. Bison looking like a futuristic version of WWE’s Goldust.

You can check them all out below:

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