Minecraft 1.9 release date revealed; pre-release patch now available

Minecraft 1.9 is coming soon, but you can experience its pre-release patch as early as right now.


For those who prefer to actually play Minecraft instead of waiting for a box of goodies to be delivered to their doorstep, Mojang has announced a pre-release version of Minecraft 1.9 is now available to download.

The pre-release of Minecraft 1.9 features various bug fixes, increased durability of shields, and allowed some crystals in the end to be protected by cages again. The pre-release patch also squashes a number of bugs, including the rail duplication glitch, the strange placement of players while riding an entity after swimming with elytra, removing the passenger offset in the Marker ArmorStand, and the resource pack in Minecraft world save file not working.

Now that the Minecraft 1.9 pre-release is available, we’re just a short amount of time until it’s full release is here. Mojang announced the final version of Minecraft 1.9 will be releasing on February 25, 2016. But if you absolutely can’t wait to experience next week’s patch, today’s pre-release patch should do the trick.

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