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Street Fighter V: All Character Moves and Combos

Dominate the arena with these character moves and combos.


Each and every character in Street Fighter V plays differently in some shape or fashion. Becoming a master at these characters takes time and patience, but at the heart of it is a basic understanding of each character’s moves and combos. This guide will detail all the available moves and combo attacks for each character in the Street Fighter V universe so that you'll be ready to take on and dominate the arena when Street Fighter V hits your television screen this week.


LP = Low Punch

MP = Medium Punch

HP = High Punch

LK = Low Kick

MK = Medium Kick

HK = High Kick

N = No Directional Input


Normal Throws

Bad Skull: (When close to opponent) Forward or N + LP LK

Bad Chain: (When close to opponent) Backward + LP LK


Break Time: MP + MK

Banana Time: Backward + MP + MK

Drink Time: Down + MP + MK


Enjoy Time: HP + HK


Pepper Pot: (While guarding) Forward + All Punches

Unique Attacks

Bull Drop: Forward + HK

Bull Charge: Forward + HP

Bull Slider: DownRight + HP

Bad Hammer: Down + HP Play + HP

Special Moves:

Bull Head: Quarter-Right + P

Bull Horn: Punch + Kick (Hold and Release)

Hanging Chain:

  • Chain Twirl: (Hold Button) Quarter-Right + Kick
  • Cancel: Punch during Chain Twirl

Killing Head: (When close to opponent) Right Down Left + K

Bull Revenger: Right Down Left + K

Critical Art

Skip To My Chain: Quarter-Right + Quarter-Right + Punch


Normal Throws

Gyro Clipper: (When close to opponent) Forward or N + LP LK

Delta Through: (When close to opponent) Backward + LP LK


Axel Spin Knuckle: MP + MK


Delta Drive: HP + HK


Strike Back: (While guarding) Forward + All Kicks

Unique Attacks

Knee Bullet: Forward + HK

Lift Upper: Backward + MP

Lift Combination: Backward + MP PLAY + HK

Special Moves

Spiral Arrow: Quarter-Right + Kick

Cannon Spike: Quarter-DownRight + Kick

Cannon Strike: (While jumping forward) Quarter-Left + Kick

Hooligan Combination: Half Down Right + Punch

During Hooligan Combination

  • Lazer Edge Slicer: NO INPUT
  • Fatal Leg Twister: (Close to ground) LP + LK
  • Cross Scissors Pressure: (In air) LP + LK
  • Cannon Strike: Kick

Critical Art

Cross Stinger Assault: Quarter-Right + Quarter-Right + Kick


Normal Throws

Psycho Impact: (When close to opponent) Forward or N + LP LK

Psycho Fall: (When close to opponent) Backward + LP LK


Psycho Reflect: MP + MK

  • (Hold Buttons to Absorb the Opponents power)


Psycho Power: HP + HK


Psycho Burst: (While guarding) Forward + All Punches

Unique Attacks

Hell Attack: (While in air) MP PLAY + MP

Psycho Axe: DownRight + HP

Shadow Axe: MP PLAY + DownRight + HP

Special Moves

Psycho Blast: Charge Back + Forward + Punch

Double Knee Press: Charge Back + Forward + Kick

Head Press: Charge Down + Up + Kick

Somersault Skull Diver: (After Head Press Hits) Punch

Devil Reverse: (Before Head Press Hits) Punch

Psycho Inferno: Quarter-Left + Punch

Critical Art

Ultimate Psycho Crusher: Quarter-Right + Quarter-Right + Punch


Normal Throws

Dragon Suplex: (When close to opponent) Forward or N + LP LK

Target Down: (When close to opponent) Backward + LP LK

Air Jack: (In Air) LP + LK


Bullet Clear: MP MK


Sonic Move (Hide): HP + HK

Sonic Move (Blitz Air): Backward + HP + HK

Sonic Move (Steel Air): Forward + HP + HK


Sonic Move: Avoid (While guarding) Forward + All Punches

Unique Attacks

Knee Bazooka: Forward + LK

Jumping Sobat: Forward + MK

Chopping Assault: Forward + MP

Step Kick: Forward + HK

Spinning Back Knuckle - Forward + HP

Side Knee Attack: Backward + MK

Rapid Punch: LP + PLAY + MP

Rapid Kick: LK PLAY + MK

Wind Shear: MP PLAY + LK PLAY + HP

Down Burst: Down + MP PLAY + Forward + MP

Raptor Combination: MK PLAY + HK PLAY + MK

Special Moves

Sonic Boom: Quarter-Right + Punch

Sonic Scythe: Quarter-Left + Kick

Moonsault Slash: Quarter-Right + Kick

Tragedy Assault: Quarter-DownRight + Punch

Critical Art

Judgement Saber: Quarter-Left + Quarter-Left + Punch


Normal Throws

Shoulder Throw: (When close to opponent) Forward or N + LP + LK

Somersault Throw: (When close to opponent) Backward + LP + LK


Mind's Eye: MP + MK


Denjin Renki: HP + HK


Hashogeki: (While guarding) Forward + All Punches

Unique Attacks

Collarbone Breaker: Forward + MP

Solar Plexus Strike: Forward + HP

Axe Kick: Backward + HK

Jodan Nirengeki: HP Play + HK

Jodan Sanrengeki MP Play + HP Play + HK

Special Moves

Hadoken: Quarter-Right + Punch

  • Charge by holding button during V-Trigger

Shoryuken: Quarter-DownRight + Punch

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: Quarter-Left + Kick

Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: (During Forward Jump) Quarter-Left + Kick

Critical Art

Shinku Hadoken: Quarter-Right + Quarter-Right + Punch

Denjin Hadoken: (During V-Trigger) Quarter-Right + Quarter-Right + Punch

This guide is a work in progress and we will continue to update it with more characters and moves as the days go by. Be sure to check back often for updates and new moves to memorize.

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