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Watch the first 5 minutes of The Walking Dead: Michonne here

Prior to tonight's premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, Telltale released the first five minues of its latest stab into Robert Kirkman's acclaimed comic book series.


AMC's "The Walking Dead" is going into the second half of its television season tonight. To help celebrate, Telltale Games promised a sneak peek at The Walking Dead: Michonne prior to the TV show's spring premiere. And indeed, the first five minutes of Michonne's standalone tale have been released for all to see.

'In Too Deep' is the first episode, which sees Michonne and her crew searching for survivors and supplies along the coast, where they find the scene of a massacre. As they search the colony of Monroe for survivors, they may soon find themselves running into the living person behind all that carnage. The story promises to answer some pivotal questions for followers of the comic book series, mainly what prompted Michonne to leave Rick's group and what led to her return.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is set to begin its story on February 23, where it will relese on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation, 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android. The three-episode series will run for $14.99. Check out the first five minutes of the game below.

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