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Dying Light: The Following - All Buggy Paint Job Locations

Set your buggy apart from the crowd with these stunning and unique paintjobs.


With the addition of buggies as a new means of transportation in Dying Light: The Following, Techland has added an assortment of decorative paint jobs throughout the expansions massive countryside landscape. This guide will help you find each and every paint job available in the newest area of Dying Light.

Due to the complicated and large nature of the game world we will be featuring several images for each paint job to help you locate it as easily as possible.

Blue Gentleman Paint Job

To find this paint job you’ll need to find an apartment located on the southern side of the coastal city.

Enter through the ground level entrance and then climb up to the first floor to find the spray cans between some chairs.

Juli Paint Job

This paint job can be found in a single lonely yellow house north-east of the large lake. Look for a chest on the above the steps on the upper floor.

Limited Edition Paint Job

To find this paint job you’ll need to head to the Volatile Hive located in the tunnel north of the lake. Once inside, keep to the left until you find a corridor. Then turn right and follow this corridor until you spot these spray cans in a box at your feet.

Mother Paint Job

You’ll find the Mother paint job at the Children of the Sun mansion just after you complete the mission where you first meet mother. Head down the stairs and look in the north-eastern corner.

Hussars Paint Job

The Hussar’s paint scheme can be found in the safehouse located close to the massive power dam in the map’s south-western area. Look for a wooden table in the backyard to find these cans just waiting to be picked up.

This guide is a work in progress. Check back often for new paint job locations and other updates

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