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Star Wars and Mario Kart come together in the ultimate mash-up video

If only Star Kart were real.


Mario Kart vehicles are quite versatile as they can drive across various surfaces, propel themselves underwater, and just recently, defy gravity. But one thing they can’t yet do is fly through the air like an X-Wing or Tie Fighter, but YouTube team Dark Pixel decided to bring these two fan favorites together in their latest video, Star Kart.

Star Kart is the combination of Star Wars and Mario Kart and took the team approximately a year to produce. The video has Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Luigi, and other iconic characters from the series zooming their way across iconic locales in the Star Wars universe. Not only are there well-known Star Wars locations, but several vehicles, such as Slave I, A-Wing, and Y-Wing, are also included.

The fan-made video gives us hope for a future where Mario Kart would not only take to the skies, but also across galaxies. And if one of those galaxies happens to be one that’s far, far away, then we’re completely fine with that.

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