New Total War: Warhammer gameplay trailer shows The Empire's side of war

We know you want to play as Orks in Total War: Warhammer, so this is for that one guy who prefers to play as The Empire.


If it feels like it’s been nearly a year since we first heard about Total War: Warhammer, that’s because it has been. Since its initial announcement, we’ve been treated to a number of looks at the game, and today, we’re getting a look at its campaign played as The Empire.

The following trailer provides a brief work-in-progress look at Total War: Warhammer played as the Empire, as well as an early look at some key gameplay mechanics. The mechanics include character skill trees, The Empire Offices panel, building & technology trees, character customization and look at Reikland.

If you’re interested in learning more about Total War: Warhammer, check out our interview with Creative Assembly’s Richard Aldridge.

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