Unity To Receive Native Support for Google Cardboard

Google and Unity, a match made in heaven. 


Today during Unity's Vision Summit earlier today in Hollywood, California, there was a pretty big announcement as far as Google goes.

Unity will be receiving native support for Google Cardboard, or that little flimsy phone holder you can buy that's literally made out of cardboard. You stick your phone in it, hold it over your eyes a la Viewmaster, and the power of VR apps is yours.

Unity support will be an obvious boon for developers looking to take their VR creations to Android and iOS mobile devices. This is huge, given the fact that to date, as revealed by the vice president of virtual reality for Google, 5 million Cardboard units have been shipped around the world. That equated to 30 million Cardboard-centric app downloads for Android users. That's a lot of downloads.

Google wants to make VR a platform for all those interested, and it's going a long way with its cheap viewer, Unity access for anyone to start creating Cardboard games, and a cadre of other news coming down the pipeline. Great news, especially if you dig Unity.

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