The Guest checks into Steam on March 10

Make sure you make all of the proper arrangements prior to The Guest's arrival.


505 Games has announced Team Gotham’s first-person puzzle game, The Guest, will be inviting itself onto Steam on March 10.

The Guest has players starting their mysterious tale playing as Dr. Evgueni Leonov, who is checking into the rundown Oakwood hotel as he plans on making it his new residence for a few days. The old Russian scientist soon discovers things aren’t as they seem as he finds himself being held captive in his room, and the only way to escape is to solve riddles and complex puzzles in order to identify his captor and their motives.

The Guest is set against the distinctive backdrop of the 1980s and promises to deliver immersive storytelling that unravels the deeper you go.

The Guest will launch on Steam on March 10 and will retail for $9.99.

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