Play On The SHIELD Android TV: Titan Souls

It's you and your magical arrow against colossal titans in Titan Souls. This really doesn't seem fair.


There’s been a rise in brutally difficult games lately with games like the Dark Souls series gaining popularity. The reason for this is how rewarding it feels to complete one of its many nearly-impossible tasks, and Titan Souls is no different as it’s you against a number of Colossal Titans with nothing more than a solitary arrow.

Titan Souls is a deceptively simple and straightforward game as you’re a hero who is armed with a bow and a single magic arrow. The arrow can be fired and recalled at the player’s command, and with your ability to roll on the ground to dodge attacks, you have the very basic tools to take down a number of huge titans. How big? Well - some can often take up a great majority of the playing area, and it’s up to you to find its weakness in order to progress.

Titan Souls can be played on any of NVIDIA’s Android products, but we recommend playing it on the SHIELD Android TV as you’re going to want to have the comfort of a game controller if you want any chance taking down these colossal titans.

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