Far Cry Primal's latest gameplay trailer gives a crash course on its prehistoric world

Think Flinstones, but way more deadly.


Far Cry Primal is unlike any other game in its series as you won’t have the use of several automatic weapons and vehicles to inflict your brand of justice on your enemies. That’s why Ubisoft decided to release a new trailer for the game that helps players discover all they need to know about the game’s weapons, Beast Master abilities, and the kind of savages you’ll be going toe to toe with.

Clubs, spears, and different variations of the bow and arrow will create the foundation of your arsenal. These weapons can become even deadlier by upgrading their base materials with rare ones, creating such impressive weaponry as the double bow and arrow, fire arrows, and bee bombs.

The Beast Master ability makes Takkar even more dangerous as he can control a number of animals, including wolves, tigers, bears, and yes, even badgers. Some animals can even be ridden.

There’s more information in the latest trailer for Far Cry Primal, so go ahead and check it out for yourself. And if you want to learn more about the game, check out our preview from a few weeks ago.

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