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Steam launches sale to celebrate Lunar New Year

Celebrate the year of the Monkey with this new Steam sale!


Steam has launched its Lunar New Year Sale, making this the first time the popular digital retailer has held such an event.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale has just started and is scheduled to end on February 12 at 10am PT.

Similar to its most recent sales, Valve will be highlighting a number of titles each day of the sale. Today, the XCOM franchise, Tomb Raider franchise and Fallout franchise are currently on the front page, although those will be rotated with other titles every day.

In addition to the Lunar New Year Sale, Steam has a choose-your-own adventure type game that has the player trekking their way back home to Monkey City. The first obstacle has you deciding whether to swim across or drive around a large body of water. Depending on what you choose, Steam will curate games with a similar theme. For example, choosing to swim will result in seeing aquatic games that are for sale, while driving will present driving games. Luckily, you don't have to think about your choices very long as you can always go back and change your decision, showing off more games based on your second choice.

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