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Unravel: All Secret Collectibles Guide

Find all the secrets hidden in Yarny's first adventure.


Thistle and Weeds

Secret 1

Make your way through the level until you climb over two pottery shelves outside of two windows. You should also spot a series of blossomed sunflowers which will act as a bridge of sorts in the coming part of the game. Drop down from these sunflowers and move all the way until you spot this ground of pink flowers blocking a small pendant. Lasso the flowers and pull them down before collecting the pendant.

Secret 2

After riding the tricycle down and crashing into the stump, climb over the stump and spot this shiny collectible nestled in a hole halfway up the next rock wall blocking your progression. You’ll need to swing to it using the marked branches in the game. It may take a few tries, but it shouldn’t be too challenging to score this collectible and add it to your list of completed items.

Secret 3

This collectible can be found resting in a hanging flower plant once you enter the greenhouse through the window just after you make it past the tire swing. Climb up onto the wooden beam and jump over to the hanging pot to grab it.

The Sea

Secret 1

This secret collectible can be found under the broken wooden bridge. Make your way to the end of the bridge and drop down to find a pathway beneath it. You’ll need to grab the extra yarn nearby to be able to make it to the collectible, but it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

Secret 2

This secret is also found at the broken down bridge in this level. Make your way across the surging waves, and then swing up onto the higher notches marked in the game. You’ll need to be precise with your swings if you want to grab this one.

Secret 3

Once you’ve made your way into the boathouse, look up near the top of the screen and climb up the shelf with the two boxes on them. Move the boxes all the way to the right side to lift the wooden shelf up, then climb up to the next level and swing across the top of the boathouse. Don’t drop into the boat just yet though. Continue swinging all the way across the top of the boathouse to find this secret nestled on a shelf on the other side. Swing over and grab it.

More secrets coming soon....

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