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Path of Exile reaches 'Ascendancy' in March

The latest Path of Exile expansion, Ascendancy, is almost ready to test players' survival skills across its dangerous labyrinth.


Path of Exile continues to evolve in new ways, as evidenced by the last time Shacknews gave the game a look back in November. With performance improvements across the board, the crew at Grinding Gear Games is finding new ways to up the danger factor of Wraeclast and that includes a labyrinth filled with lethal traps. Now players will get to experience that for themselves when Path of Exile: Ascendancy releases on March 4.

MassivelyOP observes the release date, along with a release time of 3PM ET. Ascendancy will center around a perilous labyrinth, filled with spike floors, furnace traps, spears, and numerous other objects meant to poke many holes into you. Assuming players can get through the six required trials, the labyrinth awaits with a new layout each day.

If players can survive the trials of the labyrinth, rewards await in the form of Ascendancy classes (three for each class, except the Scion) with their own Ascendancy skills. Three more of those Ascendancy classes were revealed in the past week: The Berseker (for the Marauder), the Hierophant (for the Templar), and the Pathfinder (for the Ranger).

Path of Exile: Ascendancy is a few weeks away and, like the rest of the game, it is free to everyone. Get a look at all of those Ascendancy classes in the videos below.

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