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Chattycast 81: Old Guard, New Blood

Inspired by the announcement of Hearthstone's new format, we talk about how legacy games attract new players. Or we just talk about Hearthstone.


Every developer hopes to make a game that lasts through the years. The rare game that does catch on long-term has to contend with its own set of design problems, though. As a studio develops more bells and whistles for the long-term fans who have kept it running, they risk making it increasingly impenetrable for new players. Eventually, a long-lasting game needs to figure out how to welcome both audiences.

This week, inspired by the announcement of Hearthstone's new split-format structure, the Chattycast talks about how legacy games keep from becoming too insular. How does a game properly balance the wishes of its long-term fans with the need to attract new players? Are the two design goals too distinct to expect one solution that will please everyone? Is splitting the difference the best way to keep a game relevant?

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