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Hitman beta and story details reveal we'll soon enter the world of assassination

The Hitman beta is slowly sneaking up on us, so prepare yourself before it catches you off guard!


The development behind Hitman has been as mysterious as Agent 47 himself, but as we inch closer to its release in March, we’re learning more details surrounding the game as well as its upcoming beta.

The upcoming Hitman will embrace the episodic game model as we enter the world of assassination. This world is an expression of the ongoing game world Io-Interactive has built over the last 15 years, all the way back to the very first Hitman game. The episodic nature allows the studio to craft both individual stories centered around Agent 47’s targets in addition to longer season stories squarely focused on 47, Diana Burnwood, the ICA, and an entirely new main cast. At its start, the overall story and individual mission stories will run in parallel, but as the first season progresses, they’ll merge.

The Hitman beta will take place on February 12, which players can gain access to in a number of ways. You can guarantee access by pre-ordering either the Full Experience or Intro Pack via the PlayStation Store or by purchasing the Hitman Collector’s Edition.

While no specific details were given as to what the beta will include, Io-Interactive did reveal PlayStation 4 owners will gain exclusive access to The Sarejevo Six. The Sarejevo Six are six bonus contracts that are all told within a self-contained side-story revolving around former members of the CICADA. Another exclusive contract, called “The Director” will also be available on March 11.

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    February 3, 2016 6:46 AM

    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Hitman beta and story details reveal we'll soon enter the world of assassination

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      February 3, 2016 11:43 AM

      Cool. I am a big fan of Hitman but I am still worried about the episodic content(not a fan of that type of business model).

      My question would be what is the benefit of the episodic content from a large company? If the company said well the quality will be X times better(we are doing x y z etc) and we don't have to rush the game out. Then I would probably be fine with it.

      Just seems like episodic content = we don't have to make such a large game and when our users stop buying our eps we stop making the game. This then in turn means the game never gets finished.

      I hope it will be good. Its bad enough we have small DLCs now this seems like it would make the whole game a bunch of small DLCs which sounds horrible if you ask me.

      We shall see I guess.

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