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Mew, the original Legendary Pokemon, flies into GameStop today

As part of its ongoing 20th anniversary, The Pokemon Company is sending Mew into GameStop for anyone that owns any of the current generation Pokemon games.


Anyone that has played Pokemon over the course of the past 20 years knows that these days, there are more mythical Pokemon than you can shake a stick at. The word "legendary" starts to lose some of its luster when there are so many pocket monsters that can be described as such. But 20 years ago, there was only one truly legendary Pokemon. That was Mew, the 151st Pokemon that actually could not be caught at all within Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow. Even in subsequent generations of games, it still proved elusive and a precious few had it in their collection. But now, Mew is about to become available to the masses once more.

As part of the continuing 20th anniversary festivities (which will include a Super Bowl commercial set to air during the 3rd quarter of this Sunday's game), anyone that owns Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire can take their 3DS into GameStop to pick up their own Lv.100 Mew. Simply ask your nearest GameStop employee for a special code card.

The Psychic-type Mew is unique in that it can learn every single move in the game. This was devastating in the early days of Red/Blue/Yellow, but the Pokemon move list has only expanded over the past 20 years. Mew can still learn all of those moves, making it among the most powerful Pokemon in the game. He's so powerful that with the Pokemon narrative, he inspired the creation of Mewtwo, with the latter a result of a cloning experiment gone hideously wrong. And speaking of that story, Pokemon: The First Movie tells that whole tale and is available today across a number of digital outlets, like iTunes and Google Play.

Get a taste of Mew in action, along with everything else Pokemon that's hitting this week, with the video below.

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