PlayStation Plus freebie vote returns: Looking at the three candidates for March

Players will once again be able to vote on one of the PlayStation Plus freebies for the next month. Let's take a look at the three eligible games that PS4 owners can vote on, starting next week.


The free monthly PlayStation Plus offerings have been somewhat... uninspired, as of late. After blowing players away for the first couple of months, the freebies haven't felt quite as good in recent times. So the folks at PlayStation are hoping to offer a jolt of energy into the proceedings by restoring the player vote.

In the early days of the PlayStation Plus freebies, players could vote on one of three games to join the monthly list. That vote is back, according to PlayStation.Blog. The three choices are Action Henk!, Assault Android Cactus, and Broforce, all of which will be making their PS4 debuts.

Action Henk! first released on PC back in May, centering around an action figure that races around a child's playroom filled with toys. As mentioned, this would be Action Henk!'s PS4 debut and will coincide with the PC version's big multiplayer update. (No worries, Xbox One owners, it'll come to that platform in March, as well.)

Assault Android Cactus, from Witchbeam Games, released on PC back in September, but made an appearance at the recent PlayStation Experience event. Shacknews had a chance to go hands-on with the PS4 bullet hell shooter and enjoyed the sheer chaos created by the multiple enemies and their relentless attack patterns. Even though the enemies don't stop coming, players can fight back with massive weapons, including weapons that are unique to each of the game's characters.

And finally, what can be said about Broforce that hasn't already been said, bro? Broforce exploded out of Steam Early Access late last year, having grown from a perfectly enjoyable beta into a full-fledged action juggernaut. Broforce has grown to feature an entire campaign and a full roster of Bros, all with their own abilities. With side-scrolling precision required for some action-heavy jumps (slow motion not included), a PS4 controller will be helpful here, making this an ideal console port.

Either way, players can't go wrong with any of these choices. The vote is set to kick off on February 9, with users able to vote via their PlayStation 4 systems.

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