Superhot release date announced for PC and Xbox One

Slow down and take in the goodness that is Superhot.


Superhot will be released on February 25 with an Xbox One release planned to release some time in March, the development team behind the title have announced.

Superhot’s origins started out as a 7 Day First Person Shooter (7DFPS) game jam project that was created in August 2013. Once its prototype was released on the Internet, it quickly became popular, even going through the Steam Greenlight process in just a single weekend. On May 14th, the game launched on Kickstarter and became fully funded in just its first 23 hour, which ended with over $250,000 from the Superhot community.

Superhot is a pretty unique first-person shooter as time only moves when you move. It features unique and stylized graphics that allows players to see a bullet’s trajectory, which we hope isn’t headed in your direction.

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