Destiny Crimson Days spreads love across the galaxy in time for Valentine's Day

You better not sleep on this event as you can only feel the love for just a week.


Bungie has a new 2v2 PvP mode coming in Destiny, called Crimson Days, which is going live just in time for Valentine’s Day.

On February 9th, Guardians will need to win a total of five rounds against the opposing team in order to win. In order to participate in Crimson Days, you’ll need to be in a Fireteam of two players prior to heading to the Director to take part in this limited time event.

New quests and bounties will be available specifically for the Crimson Day event, as well as some sweet rewards, such as Ghosts, Shaders, and a new item called the Crimson Connection. The Crimson Connection allows a Guardian to boost the experience gain on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes.

The Eververse Store has also been restocked, offering give new emotes such as the Awkward and Strange dances, as well as a Fist Bump and Secret Greeting.

The Crimson Days event will run from February 9th to February 16th.

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