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Final Fantasy 14 will feel 'The Gears of Change' in February

There's another major patch coming to Final Fantasy XIV, with Square Enix offering a glimpse at what's coming up with The Gears of Change.


While PAX South appears to be the big event of the weekend, Square Enix (specifically, the team behind Final Fantasy XIV) ventured to Kagoshima, Japan for a special event. The team had some news about Final Fantasy XIV, revealing new details about the game's upcoming Patch 3.2, which will release under the banner "The Gears of Change."

One of the biggest changes coming will affect the PvP side of the game. A new PvP instance called "The Feast" will debut, requiring players be at a minimum of Level 60 with item level syncs at 150 for 4v4 (one tank, one melee DPS, one ranged DPS, and one healer) or 8v8 (two tanks, two melee DPS, two ranged DPS, and two healers) competition. This is a follow-up to the Wolves' Den content, with the objective to steal the opposing team's medals by defeating them in combat. The amount of medals dropped will lessen if the same person is killed repeatedly, so teams will need to try and defeat each team member as evenly as possible. Each team will start with 100 medals and whoever has more at the end of the match will be declared the winner. Players will be aided by a limit break-style action called the Adrenalin Rush, Supply Boxes filled with helpful buffs, and a Culling Time effect that buffs players that have not been defeated for a certain amount of time. A player that has too many medals will also get a physical damage debuff, so even out that medal count! The first Feast season will debut alongside the new patch and will change out every 3.5 months, with special rewards issued at the end of the season.

Other additions include a pair of new instanced dungeons called the Antitower and The Lost City of Amdapor (which will be classified as a Hard dungeon), a new mentor system for experienced players to help out newcomers, and adjustments to jobs and Exploratory Missions. More information is coming soon about this patch, particularly for North American and European players, given that the live Producer's Note was conducted only in Japanese. In the meantime, visit the Square Enix forums for more detailed information. Look for The Gears of Change to arrive on February 23.

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