Loot Crate announces new monthly subscription product, Loot Gaming

Loot Gaming is coming this Spring and promises to offer 4 to 6 items per crate for $25 month. In addition to today's announcement, we spoke with Loot Crate co-founder Matthew Arevalo about the origins of Loot Gaming, themes, and the possibility of a loyalty discount program for one-off crates.


Loot Crate is announcing it will be offering a new monthly subscription product that’s specifically targeted towards gamers, called Loot Gaming, which offers collectibles, apparel, accessories and more for $25 a month.

Loot Gaming’s themed crates will offer a curated selection of items from some of the best video game brands around. Loot Crate will be covering a wide variety of games, from indies to AAA and from retro to new releases. Each crate will feature somewhere between 4 to 6 items, most of which will be exclusively manufactured for Loot Crate, a game manual style booklet, and a Loot Gaming pin. In addition to physical items, the Loot Gaming crate will include digital goods, such as downloadable games, digital items, or in-game DLC.

But why did Loot Crate suddenly decide to create a Loot Gaming crate after it launched Loot Anime and Loot Pets? Loot Crate co-founder Matthew Arevalo tells Shacknews, “I’ve been a gamer for years and a lot of the people here come from the gaming world, from high-profile gaming companies and developers. We almost had all the pieces in place to launch a new service, and more importantly the experience that you’ve come to expect from Loot Crate—and that doesn’t just feel like Loot Crate but only with games.”

Considering there’s already gaming content in the standard subscription of Loot Crate, we were concerned Loot Gaming would deprave Loot Crate from receiving its fair share of gaming content. But Arevalo assures us that won’t be the case. “Absolutely not, in fact that’s a tactic of some of our competitors. That’s not the type of experience you can expect,” he says. “Since we’re focusing on at least four premium items, it allows us to dabble into things that we might not have access to in our normal crate."

Loot Crate plans on offering just as good an experience as its standard subscription for Loot Gaming, including themes and Mega Crates. “We’re not just changing logos and box size,” Arevalo says. “We’re thinking around more of a sense of world, what kinds of characters and stories and games would fit? We looked at IP that are not only multiple game iterations but also things that are still relevant today. We have exclusive and licensed items from Halo, Skyrim, and Street Fighter.” As for Mega Crates, Arevalo tells us the company is focusing on that, although they still don’t have a name for it quite yet. “We’ve been working with these partners for years, on different aspects, including things like mini mega crates.”

Arevalo believes community feedback plays an integral part in the Loot Crate, and soon Loot Gaming, experience. “We are a mystery service, so what we do is we say we are listening to your feedback and we are actively taking it to heart and keeping as many people happy as possible. If we see that some of the products, even after all our planning, that it’s more than just a small vocal minority that’s dissatisfied, we will make sure we resolve that.”

In fact, Loot Crate may take into account a loyalty program for current Loot Gaming subscribers who wish to purchase a one-off crate, such as the in-demand Fallout 4 Loot Crate. “If we find that people feel that as a Loot Gaming subscriber, this is the kind of loyalty or this is the kind of discount they should get, we’re all ears. We’re going to make sure we’re adapting and modifying our service. At the end of the day, that’s who we service. We don’t service any other objective other than making sure we’re nurturing a community.”

Loot Gaming is preparing for deployment in Spring 2016. For more information, be sure to visit the Loot Gaming site.

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