Okhlos trailer leads a mob of war against the Greek gods

Civilization has gotten used to stories of the Greek gods trifling in the affairs of mortals. But what happens when the mortals have had enough?


If civilization has learned anything from the past, it's that there's nothing quite as effective as mob rule. People are most dangerous when they're in giant mobs, especially when those mobs are carrying pitchforks and torches. But before the French Revolution or before the age of Frankenstein's monster, mobs were getting things done in ancient Greece and that's the subject of the upcoming effort from Devolver Digital and Argentinian game developer Coffee Powered Machine called Okhlos.

The idea of Okhlos is that the Greek gods are basically jerks, trifling with the affairs of the mortals. This time, though, the mortals have had enough and Greek philosophers are setting out to gather giant mobs of angry mortals to finally take the fight to the gods. The idea is to increase your mob to hellish proportions and take down any mythical beast that stands in their way, whether it be the minotaur or a group of cyclops.

Okhlos will be playable on the PAX South floor this weekend. Those that happen to attend in a toga will get the full Devolver Digital catalogue, so that's definitely something to look forward to. As for the game itself and for the rest of the gaming world, Okhlos is set to release in March on PC. For more, check out the video below.

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