Li Ming and Xul highlighted in latest Heroes of the Storm video

Both Li Ming and Xul can be seen in this new video along with their alternate costumes, mounts, and more.


We learned Heroes of the Storm will soon be receiving two new Heroes inspired by the world of Diablo: Xul and Li Ming. Today, Blizzard released an in development trailer showing off these two new Heroes, along with some upcoming skins and mounts.

Both Li-Ming and Xul can be seen in the following in development trailer, with a little bit of the former showing off her moves. Li-Ming also has an alternate Star Princess costume that looks like it’s straight out of an anime, while Xul looks rather devious in his Serpent King alternate costume.

The rest of the development trailer shows off new alternate costumes for Lt. Morales, Arthas, Jaina, Illidan, and more.

Details are still scarce in regards to Xul and Li Ming, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for when Blizzard officially reveals these two new Heroes. What we do know is Li-Ming is expected to launch first, with Xul launching in the weeks following her launch.

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