ESPN's Outside The Lines issues report on eSports and PEDs

With the increasing prominence of competitive gaming, there's a growing sector of competitive gamers that are turning to performance-enhancing drugs. As part of its new eSports presence, ESPN's Outside the Lines has dedicated a full segment to this issue.


On the heels of setting up its own esports site, ESPN and its resources are wasting no time in offering interesting analysis on competitive video games. In fact, for whatever people may think of the Worldwide Leader's more bombastic personalities, few will argue with the journalistic arm of the network's award-winning "Outside the Lines" television series. Today, "Outside the Lines" issued an interesting report on video gaming and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

As one might imagine, the PED epidemic in this instance does not involve anabolic steroids or human growth hormone (HGH) meant for more conventional athletic competition. This involves the use of Adderall, which increases a user's focus and reaction time. There have been growing instances of illegal Adderall use in the competitive Halo community, with more cases being reported in other first-person shooters and MOBAs.

The idea of drug testing in competitive gaming is not new. In fact, the first instance of such an idea was first proposed all the way back in 2006. ESPN's Bob Ley also to Team EnVy's Managing Director Mike Rufail, ESPN correspondent Rod Breslau, and ESPN Tech Insider Senior Editor Ben Gilbert about the need for drug testing for esports games, the reasons players might turn to drugs, and the need to maintain the integrity of competitive gaming. That segment can be seen below.

The audio version of the full Outside the Lines report can be found as a full podcast on ESPN's Podcenter.

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