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'Twitch Plays' becomes an official directory on Twitch

Twitch has been playing games as a community for a while, so now it's time for 'Twitch Plays' to get its own dedicated directory.


Ever since an automated program helped thousands of Twitch viewers play Pokemon simultaneously, "Twitch Plays (blank)" has been a popular part of the live streaming service. Now the "Twitch Plays" phenomenon has become such a huge part of Twitch that it is now getting its own directory. This morning, Twitch announced that "Twitch Plays" will get its own directory, in which Twitch viewers can join forces to try and complete a game as a community.

TwitchPlaysPokemon is the clear inspiration here and will, of course, be part of the directory. Other new channels have also been added to the directory, many of which are designed specifically around this idea. This includes the defense game City Stream, the mobile zombie army variant TwitchPlaysZombidle, the robot arena game Kid Mech, and the zombie horde game TwitchVersusZombies.

This is in addition to standard "Twitch Plays" games, like TwitchPlaysPokemon, the Game Awards-nominated Twitch Plays Dark Souls, TwitchPlaysClawMachine (which is exactly what it sounds like), and TwitchPlaysPunchClub, which was centered around the unique marketing campaign that Punch Club would only be released on Steam once the Twitch community was able to complete it first.

Furthermore, the Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon will begin again on February 14, as that channel is expected to begin a specially-crafted version of Pokemon Crystal that starts players off in the Kanto region. The channel will also debut a new AI to help streamline the mass chaos.

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