Destiny servers down on Xbox One [Update]

Prepare for some downtime, Guardian.


[Update: The issues imapacting players' ability to sign into Destiny on Xbox One have been fixed.]

Original Story:

It’s been several months since there was an extended, unexplained outage of Destiny’s servers, but today, it appears the game’s servers have been experiencing issues for Xbox One owners for the majority of the day.

A few hours ago, Bungie revealed Xbox One players were having issues connecting to Destiny’s servers. Since then, there has been no update from Bungie in regards to what could be the problem, although a follow-up post by Xbox shows Xbox Live is having issues. As of this writing, both Social and Gaming are currently being affected, which could very well be the reason why Xbox One owners are having connection issues.

We have reached out to both Microsoft and Bungie to see if they can offer any additional updates as to what the current situation is. In the meantime, if you absolutely need to brush up on your Destiny skills, why not check out one of our extremely helpful guides?

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