Chattycast 78: State of the Virtual Union

We welcome Shacknews CEO and VR enthusiast Asif Khan to check in with virtual reality in light of CES 2016.


The industry went into 2016 declaring it the year of virtual reality. But is that still the case? The widely surprised reaction to the Oculus Rift price announcement may mean it's destined to be the realm of enthusiasts for the time being.

What does this year hold for virtual reality? What can VR companies do to encourage widespread adoption? How should Oculus competitors like HTC Vive and PlayStation VR respond to the Oculus price tag? If not this year, how long will it take for VR devices to become widespread and in common use?

We'll welcome on our CEO and VR enthusiast Asif Khan to assess the current state of VR in light of CES 2016. This will allow a balanced perspective from a VR owner and hobbyist, instead of (actual Asif Khan quote) "just 3 beardos who think VR stinks."

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