Heroes of the Storm takes a walk on the worgen side with Greymane today

Walk like a wooooorgen.


Blizzard Entertainment is kicking off the New Year by making the King of Gilneas himself, Genn Greymane, available to play.

Greymane is a unique hero in that he has the ability to transform into a worgen with the push of a button. When he’s in his human form, players should expect to be able to attack their enemies from afar with the use of his pistol. If things get a little too close, then his worgen form can provide the devastating melee attacks needed to pummel his opponents.

Here’s Greymane’s full ability list:

  • (Q) Gilnean Cocktail - As a human, this ability is good for some quick splash damage to a batch of foes. It'll hit the first enemy for 72 damage and spread to a cone behind them, dealing another 216 damage.
  • (W) Inner Beast - Unleashing this while human, Greymane's attack speed is increased by 50 percent for a brief three seconds. However, basic attacks will reset that timer. This is good against minions, which should keep the effect going until you encounter Heroes.
  • (E) Darkflight - This transforms Greymane into his Worgen form and leaps at an enemy for 92 damage. Do not use this ability carelessly, because if you dive into a crowd, it's almost certain doom.
  • (Q) Razor Swipe - When in worgen form, this delivers a quick swipe at enemies.
  • (W) Wolfheart - Recue the Inner Beast ability's cooldown by one second for each Basic Attack.
  • (E) Disengage - Transforms Greymane back into human form. This is a harmless roll, so find a safe spot for this.
  • (R1) Go For the Throat - This is Greymane's big finisher, in which he'll dive and transform, slashing at an enemy 3 times for a whopping 446 damage. If this scores a kill, it can be used again within 10 seconds. But again, be careful with this move! Don't go diving into mosh pits of enemy Heroes.
  • (R2) Marked for the Kill - This takes advantage of Greymane's human form. Transforming back into a human from a worgen, Greymane fires a shot at an enemy for 93 damage. The enemy hit will take 25 percent more damage for five seconds. During this time, this ability can be used again to re-transform Greymane as he goes in for the kill.

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