Shack Reels: First look at Oculus Touch, EVE: Valkyrie dev interview, and consumer Oculus Rift

We take a look at Oculus tech and EVE: Valkyrie at CES 2016. 


Looking forward to trying out Oculus Touch? How about hopping into the cockpit in EVE: Valkyrie? See our first look at Oculus Touch, and developer interview for EVE: Valkyrie here. 

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      January 12, 2016 11:01 AM

      I have a feeling that Oculus,and other VR devices are going to end up making a lot of people sick to the point of only being able to play for very short stints,hence,making it not worth the money.

      I played this Star Wars Battlepod game at the Pac-Man restaurant here where I live,and it was on a really curved screen but the seat didn't move at all.I had genuine moments of being effected by the motion.Not totally motion sick but a little dizzy when I exited the machine.

      Now take that feeling and attach that screen to your face,and from the EVE Valkyrie video that I watched,I don't see any way that VR doesn't have people puking after more than an hour of gameplay.

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