Awesome Games Done Quick 2016: Day 7 Runs to Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick continues today! For those looking to watch as the world's best speed runners blaze through some fantastic games for charity, Shacknews has rounded up some runs to look out for, as we hit the event's final day.


This is it! It's the final day of Awesome Games Done Quick. So it's time to wrap up the week of speed runs with the best games in the world, culminating with the traditional Super Metroid run. As always, this is being done for charity, with the event organizers raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Let's take a look at some of today's runs worth watching.

Day 7 Runs to Watch

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (Wii U) - 9:30AM PT

Shovel Knight runs have been fun to watch for the last year, mostly because Yacht Club Games will swing by and led their developer commentary. This is the first Games Done Quick event since the Plague of Shadows expansion released, so it falls to TheTaiwanNinja and Munchakoopas to race through it. And they'll do it in New Game+, to boot. For those unversed in this expansion, Plague Knight controls quite differently from the shovel-bearing protagonist, so this run should be interesting to watch. The target time here is 50 minutes.

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) - 10:40AM PT

As Chatty's Zero|DPX gently reminded me yesterday, Super Mario Kart has been one of the memorable runs of the week. Now let's imagine how a Mario Kart will look on turbo speed. That'll be the idea when AeonFrodo attempts to run through all of the game's 32 tracks on the blistering fast 200cc class. Those that have played on this setting know how insane the speed can get and how much more difficult this makes the game, so watching this should be quite a treat. The target time is 1:10:00.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super NES) - 2:20PM PT

A Link to the Past remains an all-time classic and one of the best games of the Zelda series. The game gets noticeably more difficult when attempting to take on the Dark World's bosses in reverse and that will be the idea in this two-person race. Andy and superskuj will attempt to complete this run in under 1:35:00 in what should be one of the coolest runs of the week.

Super Metroid (Super NES) - 5:05PM PT

And finally, there's this. Super Metroid isn't the final run of the night, but it is the one that everyone looks forward to, as it has become a Games Done Quick tradition. The twist this time around is that, like A Link to the Past, this one will be done in reverse boss order. So look for Straeverast to attempt to complete this task in under 1:20:00, with viewers finding out whether the animals will be spared or left to their doom.

Day 6 Highlight

Super Mario Bros.

After some of the marathon runs of the past week, here's one of the quicker races of the week. The uninitiated will be fascinated by some of the major glitches featured over the course of this classic platformer, all of which are designed to shave off precious seconds. The run is a very quick one, so grab a quick snack and sit down to catch it here.

Today's Full Schedule (All times in PT)

  • 6:00AM - Jak 3 (ThaRixer, HillaryPuff - 1:00:00, Any% no OoB)
  • 7:05AM - Crash Bandicoot (CaneofPacci - 1:25:00, 100%)
  • 8:40AM - Spyro the Dragon (ChrisLBC - 0:45:00, Any%)
  • 9:30AM - Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (TheTaiwanNinja, Munchakoopas - 0:50:00, New Game+)
  • 10:40AM - Mario Kart 8 (AeonFrodo - 1:10:00, 200cc 32 Tracks Hard CPU)
  • 1:00PM - TASBot vs Humans - Mystery Game (DwangoAC - 0:15:00, 4-way Multispecies Race)
  • 1:20PM - TASBot plays Brain Age (micro500, xy2_ - 0:25:00, x100)
  • 1:50PM - TASBot plays Super Mario Bros 3 (DwangoAC, Lord Tom - 0:10:00)
  • 2:05PM - TASBot takes Total Control of... (DwangoAC, p4plus2 - 0:10:00)
  • 2:20PM - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Andy, superskuj - 1:35:00, Reverse Boss Order)
  • 4:10PM - Bloodborne (FatB - 0:42:00, Any%)
  • 5:05PM - Super Metroid (Straevaras - 1:20:00, Reverse Boss Order)
  • 6:35PM - Final Fantasy IV (nocashnocash - 3:35:00, Any% no 64 floor glitch)
  • 10:25PM - Finale!

The Stream and Donation Links

Catch all the action over at Awesome Games Done Quick, the official Games Done Quick Twitch channel, or watch the full Awesome Games Done Quick stream below!

Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on

And once again, anyone looking to contribute to the Prevent Cancer Foundation can do so from the Prevent Cancer Foundation website.

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