Outlast 2 Won't Be Taking Place At That Creepy Old Asylum After All

Asylums aren't the only terrifying places out there. 


Outlast 2 is releasing this fall, but things are going to be different this time around.

According to developer Red Barrels, the sequel won't be taking place at Mount Massive Asylum like the original, as there's a new setting coming into view. This is some of the first bits of big news we've heard about Outlast 2 since its existence was officially announced last October.

Red Barrels tweeted some juicy new tidbits following the confirmation that Outlast 2 is eschewing the Asylum. For instance, the game will be taking place "somewhat after" the previous title.

There's still no word just yet on an official release date, but now that I know the game's going beyond the confines of a locale that's generally regarded as spooky, I'm pretty excited again for the next installment. Hopefully it's something we start seeing details on soon.

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