Chattycast 77: My New Year's Resolution is 1080p

The first Chattycast of the year kicks off with the gang making New Year's Resolutions for the games industry. What do we want changed by the time we hit 2017?


A new year is upon us, and that means it's time to make those ill-fated New Year's Resolutions. But what about resolutions for the game industry?

Maybe this is the year game companies should cut down on DLC (and keep it off!) or spend a little more time testing games. Or, perhaps the gaming community should set some goals, like being more welcoming to newcomers or holding companies more accountable by voting with their dollars. You could even make this personal! Time to finally finish that ever-growing pile of shame, perhaps?

This week, the Chattycast goes over video game resolutions. What would we like to see change by the time we don our party hats to ring in 2017? We'll talk all about aspirational goals for the industry, the community, or ourselves.

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