Awesome Games Done Quick 2016: Day 3 Runs to Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick continues today! For those looking to watch as the world's best speed runners blaze through some fantastic games for charity, Shacknews has rounded up some runs to look out for.


Day 3 of Awesome Games Done Quick has begun, where some of the world's best speed runners jump into some of the most popular, obscure, and beloved entries into the gaming world. For those still adjusting to going back to work or school, Shacknews is here to take a look at some of the notable runs of the day, so you can all keep a separate tab open on your PC or tablet. As always, this is being done for charity, with the event organizers raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Let's take a look at some of today's runs worth watching.

Day 3 Runs to Watch

Spelunky (PC) - 6:33AM PT

One of the more interesting runs of the day begins shortly after the time of this post. Spelunky has retained its replay value over the year, thanks to its Daily Challenges, but that's not the name of the game here. The idea is to complete the game with all shortcuts and defeating the Olmec. BumCommando and Kinnijup will be relaying this game and attempting to complete it in just under a half hour, so those interested in checking out where the shortcuts lie will want to tune in.

Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance) - 10:28PM PT

It's been years since Metroid Fusion released, but this still remains one of Samus' most recent 2D adventures. Fusion is quietly one of the more difficult entries in the series, especially given some of the sequences that have Samus' own possessed suit coming after her. Yet three speed runners will race to see who can complete it first, so watch as HerculesBenchpress, JRP2234, and Kirbymastah compete to finish this gamne in under an hour and 25 minutes.

Portal 2 (PC) - 5:38PM PT

Co-op speed runs are always interesting to witness, since they rely on both partners being completely in sync. Teamwork is a must and that's especially true with Portal 2. Timing must be on point and that'll be the challenge that Drastinikov and SirStendec face. For science!

Day 2 Highlight

Battleblock Theater

Speed runs are often made more informative and entertaining when a game's developer swings by for a chat. Battleblock Theater was certainly made a lot more fun when one of the game's key voice actors, Will Stamper, joined the speed run via Skype for some fun and merriment. Stamper provided some incredible entertainment, even if some of it (like his cancer donation readouts) was a bit cringe-worthy. The VOD can be found here.

Today's Full Schedule (All times in PT)

  • 6:33AM - Spelunky (BumCommando, Kinnijup - 0:30:00, All Shortcuts + Olmec Relay)
  • 8:08AM - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (DrTchops, RandomPinkBunny - 0:30:00, Any% NG+ Co-op)
  • 8:48AM - Vendetta (MURPHAGATOR! - 0:25:00, Any%)
  • 9:23AM - The Simpsons Arcade Game (Maquina_azul30 - 0:25:00, Any% Normal)
  • 9:53AM - Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara (Hugo4Fun - 0:30:00, Cleric%, No Deaths)
  • 10:28AM - Metroid Fusion (HerculesBenchpress, JRP2234, Kirbymastah - 1:25:00, Any%)
  • 12:13PM - Metroid Prime (Miles - 1:25:00, Any%)
  • 1:43PM - The Legend of Zelda (Lackattack24 - 0:35:00, Any%)
  • 3:33PM - Half-Life 2 (Noir - 1:55:00, Any%)
  • 5:38PM - Portal 2 (Drastnikov, SirStendec - 1:10:00, Co-op)
  • 6:58PM - Alien Swarm (mr.deagle, The Master - 0:20:00, any% co-op deathless)
  • 7:28PM - The Talos Principle (Azorae - 1:40:00, 100%)
  • 9:18PM - Wrack (Shaddex - 0:22:00, Any%)
  • 9:48PM - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Blood_Thunder - 1:10:00, Any%)
  • 11:08PM - Tag: The Power of Paint (quo - 0:08:00, Any%)
  • 11:28PM - SOMA (ZOM - 1:25:00, Any%)

The Stream and Donation Links

Catch all the action over at Awesome Games Done Quick, the official Games Done Quick Twitch channel, or watch the full Awesome Games Done Quick stream below!

Watch live video from GamesDoneQuick on

And once again, anyone looking to contribute to the Prevent Cancer Foundation can do so from the Prevent Cancer Foundation website.

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