Team Fortress 2 Tough Break update adds new contracts and four new maps

On the fourth day of Smissmas, Team Fortress 2 gave to me: Four new maps, three new taunts, two weapon cases, and a whole bunch of new contracts!


The holidays are coming and for Team Fortress 2, that means it's almost Smissmas time! It also means that TF2 is going to continue with its successful contracts model that first started back in the summer.

The Tough Break Update will open the door to 26 new contracts with a few improvements on the existing system. If players don't have the weapon required to complete the contract, they'll be able to borrow the weapon for the duration of the contract. Just as before, completing these contracts will unlock special skins for various weapons. And just like before, the Tough Break Campaign contracts will have a $5.99 entry fee.

Among the skins available are rare ones from the Harvest and Gentlemanne's Collection. That includes the purple-striped Macabre Web Revolver for the Spy, the leaf-adorned Autumn Flame Thrower for the Pyro, the orange and green-colored Pumpkin Patch Minigun for the Heavy, and more. Completing contracts may also yield special weapon cases featuring other rare weapon skins, including a Warbird Case with military-themed designs based on the Soldier and the Pyroland Case with designs based on the Meet the Pyro fantasy sequence.

Of course, all of that is optional premium stuff, but what about the free stuff? Fortunately, there are new winter-themed maps coming in this update. Snowycoast is a Payload map that takes place around a snow-covered factory. Vanguard is a Control Point map with several levels and an elevator shaft. Highpass is a King of the Hill map in the central of a small series of shacks. Finally, there's Landfall, a Capture the Flag map with a central bridge built around a massive redwood.

The full details on the Tough Break update, as well as the latest patch notes, can be found on the Team Fortress 2 website. Also, let's check out some new taunts!

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