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Super Smash Bros. final Mii Fighter Costumes revealed

Nintendo has revealed its final lineup of Mii Fighter costumes for Super Smash Bros.


Nintendo has revealed the final costumes Mii Fighters can wear in the near future.

The costumes Mii Fighters can don come from various publishers and games, such as the Geno Mii Fighter outfit from Super Mario RPG and the Chocobo Hat from the Final Fantasy series.

In addition to those two costumes, Mii Fighters will also be able to be outfitted with Bionic Armor, a Takamaru costume, an Ashley costume from the WarioWare series, Gil from the Tower of Druaga, and a Tails and Knuckles costume from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Many of these new Mii Fighter costumes available in February 2016, although both the Geno and Chocobo Hat costumes will be available later today.

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