You Too Can Now Smell Like A Monster With These Monster Hunter Colognes

Give Eau de Rathalos to that special someone in your life this holiday season. 


Ever play so much Monster Hunter that you just stop in the middle of battle and think to yourself, "Man, I really wish my own body chemistry was evocative of a Rathalos or a Zinogre?" Me too.

Thanks to these special items borne from a collaboration between Monster Hunter and Japan's Capcom Cafe, you can now splash yourself with the essence of either Zinogre or Rathalos.

Both colognes will run you about 4,200 yen and are only available as part of a limited run of 300 units at the Capcom Cafe. The Zinogre cologne is "bursting with energy and represents the expression of vivid blue light of Zinogre's attacks with metallic citrus." Citrus is great in a cologne, especially if you're a Clinique person.

Rathalos, on the other hand, features "the charm of Rathalos with his vigor and sense of presence" and incorporates a lavender and geranium scent. I would have gone with cedar or something stronger, but whatever I suppose.

These are pretty interesting concepts, but could they replace your Jean Paul Gaultier? Probably not. Still a cool idea.

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