SteamWorld Heist release date and price revealed

Prepare to do some serious heisting very, very soon.


Image & Form has announced SteamWorld Heist will launch on the Nintendo 3DS on December 10 with other platforms following later.

SteamWorld Heist will have a regular price point of $19.99, although the studio is offering a launch discount for those who purchase the game prior to December 31. For those who purchase the game prior to the end of the year, you can pick it up for $16.99 as well as an exclusive Nintendo 3DS Home Menu theme. How exclusive is this theme? Well - it won’t be available after December 31. That’s pretty damn exclusive.

SteamWorld Heist was originally announced in September 2014. The new SteamWorld title takes place some time after the events of SteamWorld Dig as a cataclysmic event has left the planet shattered. This forces its population of robots to take to space in steam-driven ships. Water is once again a precious commodity, and the only way to survive is by scavenging other ships and bases.

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