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Marvel Heroes 2015 unleashes Magik today

After winning a fan vote, Magik is the latest playable character to hit Marvel Heroes 2015, but that's not all Gazillion is adding to the game ahead of next month's changeover to Marvel Heroes 2016.


Update: Magik was originally reported as the winner of the Game Informer poll for the next playable character. Magik is actually the winner of the Marvel Heroes forums poll. The Game Informer poll winner is Angela, who will find her way into the game soon. The story has been updated.

A few months ago, the folks at Game Informer the Marvel Heroes forums held a poll for the next playable character to join the Marvel Heroes 2015 roster. The votes are in and the winner is Magik, better known as Illyana Rapsputin. The mystical sword wielder and younger sister of the X-Men's Colossus now makes her in-game debut today with her Marvel Now! costume, along with a few other new features.

Magik's abilities rely on her knowledge of arcane spells, which she picked up during her time in Limbo. Her three sets of abilities revolve around Mutant Swordswoman, which utilizes her Soulsword to cut down enemies; Limbo Minions, which allows her to call upon the demons of the hell dimensions to aid her; and the aforementioned Dark Magic, which uses Magik's sorcery for debuffs and area-of-effect spells. Magik also utilizes 'Command,' which is a separate loadout that's customized towards a distinct play style. The Marvel Heroes forums offers some more information on this unique mechanic.

Today also features a new costume for Black Panther. His Urban Jungle costume harkens back to his brief stint as Hell's Kitchen's guardian, in the wake of Daredevil's fall during the events of Shadowland. On top of that, it now appears that Steam Controller support is up and running.

For more on Magik, be sure to check out the video below. And get ready for the changeover to Marvel Heroes 2016, which happens in just a few weeks.

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