ARK: Survival Evolved's Compy terrorizes survivors today

The Compsognathus is a tiny little dinosaur, but be careful, because it'll prove to be one of ARK: Survival Evolved's more dangerous creatures when flanked by dozens of his buddies.


When one thinks of dinosaurs, they think of larger-than-life lizards that roam the planet. However, dinosaurs also come in smaller sizes, as indicated by the latest update for ARK: Survival Evolved. The newest update will introduce Compy (not to be confused with Compy), the tiniest dino to hit the survival game yet.

Also known as the Compsognathus, the Compy is a quick little creature, but ultimately non-threatening on its own. But the Company is a diminutive danger when roaming in large packs and will display aggression when traveling in numbers.

Today's update will also introduce some updates to ARK's Recipe/Cooking system, allowing users to design their own food and drink recipes. Players will also find rocket turrets, sea mines, magnifying glasses, persistent tribe logs, and wall lamps.

For more Compy, check out the video below.

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