Heroes of the Storm's Cho'gall now available to prove two heads are better than one

Prepare for trouble. Make it double!


Blizzard Entertainment has announced Cho’gall, the unique hero that’s controlled by two separate players, has been added as a playable character in today’s patch.

Cho’gall was announced earlier this month as a new playable hero that would require two players to work together in order to succeed. Players will either pick to play as Cho or Gall. The player who assumes the role of Cho will be the one who is in control of moving both players at the same time. Both players are able to initiate attacks independently from one another, although they become even more devastating if they work together. There’s even a Rune Bomb ability that requires both players to work together in order to get the most out of it.

Blizzard is holding a special Buddy Brawl viral promotion that will award players who win two games as either Cho or Gall a permanent unlock of Cho’gall. Players will need to be partied with a player who already owns Cho’gall in order to take advantage of this viral promotion. In addition to being able to unlock Cho’gall for free, players who already own the hero can earn 2,200 Gold by winning four games as either Cho or Gall with players who haven’t unlocked Cho’gall. The Buddy Brawl viral promotion starts today and ends on January 1.

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