All Monolith Locations in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Locate all the Monoliths to help you find all the coin caches.


While exploring the multitude of tombs available within Rise of the Tomb Raider, you will occasionally stumble across Monoliths that will mark coin caches on your map. Certain Monoliths need you to reach a certain level with a particular language, so we highly suggest accumulating any documents and reading any murals you come across to help Laura learn more.


The Prophet’s Tomb

You will locate this Monolith inside the base camp of the Syrian Cliffs.

Soviet Installation

Hidden Refuge

This Monolith is located near the base camp at the Hidden Refuge. Collect the documents in the area to help with the language level, then drop lower in the area by the mill to find it.

Copper Mill Yard

This one is located a few feet away from the Copper Mill Yard base camp.

Communications Tower

The final Monolith in this area is at the base camp by the Communication Tower. This one won’t appear on your map but it is super easy to reach. To find it just head southwest alongside the cliff until you spot it.

Abandoned Mines

Pantheon Corridor

Start from the Pantheon Corridor base camp and head down the path until you come up to a well surrounded by an ice wall. Make your way down and keep going until end up in an open area. Now look for a ledge on the outer part of the area to find the Monolith.

Geothermal Valley

Ruins Encampment

This Monolith is located near the Ruins Encampment base camp, close to the signal tower. Make your way through the ruins until you see a red tarp flapping on a nearby broken building to find this Monolith.

Aqueduct Ruins

The second Monolith in the Geothermal Valley is next to the Aqueduct Ruins base camp. Look south to spot a hole in the rock wall, and then head inside to find the Monolith.

The Acropolis

Riverside Landing

The final Monolith can be found right beside the Riverside Landing base camp. It’s impossible to miss.

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