Fallout 4 Console Commands: God Mode, Unlimited Carry Weight

Fallout 4 is a massive game. Here are a few console commands to help you get ahead of the groove.


There’s no doubt that Fallout 4 is massive. I’ve already accrued around 70 hours or so in the game since getting it, and I’ve still got a ton of things left to track down and do. That still doesn’t change the fact that sometimes you’re going to run into some obstacles you can’t get past, or maybe you hit a game breaking bug that corrupts your save file. No matter the reasoning, Bethesda games often allow players to make use of some developer commands using the games built in Console Command line. This guide will teach you how to activate the console, as well as a few commands to help you get started on your trek through the Commonwealth.

Remember that these are cheats, so do with them what you will. Using console commands won’t disable your achievements, however, it can ruin the game for you. To get the most out of Fallout 4 we suggest you play through at least once without any cheats, and then if you want to use these commands later on you won’t have to worry about having spoiled the game for yourself. It should also be noted that these commands only work on the PC version of Fallout 4, as you cannot activate the command console on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Enable the Console

Most copies of the game already have the command console enabled, so all you’ll need to do is launch into the game and let it load up. Once you’re spawned in, go ahead and hit the Tilde key (it looks like this ~) on your keyboard. This will bring up a small area that you can type in on the bottom of the screen.

From here you can type several different commands.

Console Commands

Use these commands at your own discretion. Make sure to save before experimenting with new commands or item IDs.

Command: tgm

Effect: Toggles God Mode and makes the player invincible.

Command: coc qasmoke

Effect: Sends you to a secret developer room with every item in the game, including collectibles.

Command: tai

Effect: Toggles the AI on and off. AI becomes inactive.

Command: tcai

Effect: Toggles the AI’s combat UI on and off.

Command: tcl

Effect: Toggles No-Clip Mode. Allows you to walk through walls, doors, and even float in the air.

Command: tmm 1

Effect: Toggles all of the Map Markers, and activates Fast Travel for all locations on the map. Type tmm 0 to reset and hide all Map Markers.

Command: Unlock

Effect: Unlocks any Door, Terminal, or Container so long as you provide an ID code, or select the object in the command console using your mouse pointer.

Command: tfc

Effect: Gives you full control of the camera.

Command: kill

Effect: Kills the selected target. You can enter a specific ID, or simply select the target with your mouse pointer while the command console is open.

Command: killall

Effect: Kills all NPCs (enemies and friendlies) within the area.

Command: player.additem [item code] [number of items wanted]

Effect: Allows you to give yourself any amount of the item whose ID you enter. Example: player.additem 0000000F 500 will give you 500 Bottlecaps.

Command: player.placeatme [object code]

Effect: Spawns the desired NPC or object close to you.

Command: resurrect

Effect:  Brings the NPC selected back to life. Only works on NPCs killed by you.

Command: setgs fJumpHeightMin [insert number]

Effect: Allows you to set the value for your jump. The higher the number, the higher the jump. Be careful as jumping too high will cause fall damage.

Command: player.setav speedmult [insert number]

Effect: Allows you to set the value for your running speed.

Command: tfc

Effect: Toggles the game’s flight cam, which is great for taking screenshots of the vast and expansive wasteland.

Command: tm

Effect: Toggles the game’s menus. Great for taking screenshots without the UI getting in the way.

Command: sexchange

Effect: What it sounds like. Careful as you’ll most likely need to have facial reconstruction surgery after completing this command.

Command: setscale [number 1-10]

Effect: Increases the size of the target. If no target selected, increases the size of the player character.

Command: set timescale to [insert desired number]

Effect: Speeds or slows down the time in game. Example: 16.1 is realtime. Timescale of 1 slows time to a crawl, whereas 5000 causes days to pass quickly.

Command: tdetect

Effect: AI won’t detect you anymore. Useful for slipping into heavily guarded places, or stealing items out from under the owner’s nose.

Command: player.modav [skill] [number]

Effect: Boost a desired skill of your choice by the number you enter.

Command: player.setlevel [insert number]

Effect: Boost your player to the level entered. Useful for leveling quickly.

Command: caqs

Effect: Completes every step and stage of the main quest line. Useful for spoiling the story, or skipping to end game on your second, third, or fourth run.

Command: player.setav carryweight [insert number]

Effect: Sets your carryweight to the desired number, allowing you to pick up as many toasters, coolant caps, and gasoline containers as you want.

General Item IDs

Here are a few item IDs to help you get started.

Item: Bottlecap

Code: 0000000F

Item: Stimpak

Code: 00023736

Item: Rad Away

Code: 00023742

Item: Fusion Core

Code: 00075FE4

Item: Nuka-Cola Quantum

Code: 0004835F

Item: Perception Bobblehead

Code: 00178B5D

Weapon: Minigun

Code: 0001F669

Weapon: Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher

Code: 000BD56F

Weapon: Cryolator

Code: 00171B2B

Weapon: Deliverer

Code: 000DC8E7

Ammo: 5mm Rounds

Code: 0001F66C

Ammo: Mini-Nuke

Code: 000E6B2E

Ammo: Cryo Cell

Code: 0018ABE2

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